About Us

2012 Corporate Officers

  • David Peck - President
  • Thelma Moeckel - Vice President
  • Sue Dresser - Secretary
  • Bob Delaney - Treasurer

Permanent Members

  • Jeanne Closson

Board of Directors

  • Gail Villaneuve
  • Cristen Rosinski
  • Rochelle Gorts
  • Terry Adams

Youth Advisory Board

  • Carolyn Campbell
  • Spencer Hubert
  • Danny Shedd

Annual TCP Youth Award

TCP annually gives out awards to students who stand out in our program. Click here for more details.

Mission Statement

NCP, Inc. is a cultural non-profit Massachusetts corporation known throughout the Pioneer Valley as The Country Players. Its primary goal is to engage in the production of, the promotion of, and other related activities involved in presenting community-based quality theater for the educational and cultural development of participants and audiences. The Country Players provide the opportunity for the participants' development in drama, art and dance, as well as in the technical, business and management aspects involved in presenting theatrical productions.

Based in Franklin County, one of Massachusetts' most rural areas, The Country Players have provided theatrical productions for the last twenty-nine years. Local amateur performers and technicians of all ages have gained invaluable training and experience. This has been accomplished despite the region's low economic profile. Ours goals are to mix community participation into the theater process, to develop our local talent resources, and to provide a creative and educational medium.

Since its inception in 1979, The Country Players' activities and its membership have steadily grown. This growth reflects our ability to recognize the creative and cultural needs of our area. Membership has increased from twenty to over six hundred.

At the same time, we feel it is our obligation to educate, and to provide an opportunity to experience something more progressive. In 1990, we were invited to become a resident company of The Shea Theater, Turners Falls, MA, enabling us to enjoy our first permanent quality performing and audience space